We are a group of people with strong ties to both Greek and Dutch culture and we are painfully aware of the destructive effect that the financial and social crisis is having on Europe.

In the recent years we have been witnessing the extremely shallow and negative image of Greece which is systematically created and promoted by numerous media and politicians in Europe and elsewhere. As a result of the above, we have also witnessed a new type of subtle yet existing discrimination against Greeks in Greece and abroad.

Via our social channel gr_crisisland, we post links to interesting articles from the Dutch or English speaking press, related to the Greek and the European financial crisis and we comment on related important developments. An archive of this twitter feed is available on this blog.

We believe that Greek and Dutch people have more in common than implied by the media. We are neither economists nor affiliated with specific political movements, parties or schools.

Content curated by: Nadia Poulou, Electra Anagnostopoulou, Stella Pekiaridi & Eleftheria Karioti

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